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Edda is redefining book sales insights and author earnings —making the ecosystem faster, fairer, and more flexible for authors and publishers alike.

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Get real-time insights into your books' sales
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Edda is utilizing the power of AI and Machine Learning to provide real-time, detailed insights into book performance that don't exist today.

We’re committed to transforming the financial landscape of the publishing industry by empowering authors and publishers with real-time sales insights and on-demand royalty payouts.

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How does Edda work?

1. Publisher Sign Up

Publishers sign up for Edda and provide authors with a login. Then we do our data magic.

2. Monitor Real-Time

Watch your sales grow in real-time and see comprehensive insights with just a click.

As an author, choose when to withdraw your earnings with our on-demand payment system.

3. Receive Payments

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